Spektrofotometre UV-VIS

Optima SP-3000 Plus

Cihaz sıfır ayarında olup hiç kullanılmamıştır.


Wavelength Range190nm~1100nm
Spectral Bandwidth1.0nm
Wavelength DisplayReadable to 0.1nm
Wavelength Accuracy±0.5nm(with automatic wavelength correction)
Data Bunching Interval1nm
Wavelength Reproducibility± 0.1nm
Stray LightLess than 0.05% (at 220nm and 340nm)
Photometric RangeAbsorbance: 00.3~3.0Abs
Photometric SystemSplit-beam Optics, Dual detectors
Photometric Accuracy±0.002Abs. at 0.5Abs. ±0.005Abs. at 1Abs
Photometric Reproducibility±0.002Abs at 1.0Abs.
Baseline CorrectionAutomatic
Wavelength Slew RateAbout 5000nm/min
Light Source6V 10W Tungsten halogen lamp and D2 lamp
MonochromatorModified Czerny-turmer type with 1200 limes/mm holographic grating.
Auto Zero FunctionBy a single stroke of Soft key
Display GraphicLCD 6″, adjustable viewing angle and contrast control
Detectorsilicon photo-diode
Sample CompartmentAutomatically rotative 8 position cell holder
Interface PortsRS-232C and Centronics ports
Power Requirements220-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions514(W) x 243(H) x 430(D) mm
Net Weight16.0kg